Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shoot the Hills

This past weekend I took part in a photo competition/fundraiser called Shoot the Hills in the Hocking Hills area. The event is mainly a fundraiser for the Friends of the Hocking Hills, proceeds from which go toward building structures that make wildlife viewing a safe experience for both humans and the animals in question. A bird blind has already been constructed at one end of Rose Lake (near the Old Man's Cave campground), enabling birders and photographers alike to stealthily observe and photograph birds "under cover". A butterfly habitat is the next project to benefit from the funds raised by the competition.

The competition runs for 24 hours, during which time photographers can take pictures anywhere in Athens, Hocking, Vinton and Perry counties, but with emphasis on the Hocking Hills region. Amateurs (like myself) are pitted against professionals, young vs. old. The judges know nothing of your age or experience when they are viewing the photographs, so they didn't know they had awarded 2nd place in one of the Digital Point and Shoot categories to a 5-year-old (I'm not kidding).

Unfortunately I didn't win anything for my entries, but I did have an enjoyable time taking photos, and it was nice to have an "excuse" to take a day off work to pursue a favorite hobby in a beautiful location. And even though the judges weren't impressed with my work, I'm proud of the photos I submitted. Here are my entries.

Category: Abstract
(moss and pine needles at Cedar Falls)

Category: Human Interest in Nature
(kayakers on Lake Logan)

Category: Landscape
(Lower Falls at Old Man's Cave)

(outlet of the Devil's Bathtub at Old Man's Cave)

Category: Wildlife
(duck on Lake Logan)

Category: Photographer's Choice
(budding tree at Lake Logan)

Here's to better shooting next year!