Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mind your manners!

Counting birds for Project Feederwatch gives me a good excuse to bring out the camera. Sometimes, if I'm lucky enough to catch the birds at just the right time, I can get some interesting action shots. Like these photos of an Eastern Tree Sparrow who was very rude to some of the other birds visiting the platform feeder. At least that's the anthropomorphic description that I'm designating to its actions...

Sometimes there was no quarreling or squabbling - everyone's just minding their own business...

Let's see, I'll start by picking on someone my own size... go away!

Hmmm... no effect on the little guy. How about someone bigger than me? (I think the Cardinal looks confused by the scolding.)

That's right, you are not welcome here!

Listen lady, I said SCRAM!

I think maybe I've met my match here. I'm thinkin' I won't yell at this here big bird.

This is the very last picture I took for the day. To me it seems he's looking to the sky to ask for forgiveness for his unfriendly actions.

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