Sunday, August 30, 2009

In denial

The days of summer wane, with daylight growing shorter, and nights getting cooler - yet I refuse to acknowledge that fall is almost here.

Photos help me live out my denial. Here, some photos of daylilies taken on the Ohio University campus in late June.

Are YOU ready for autumn?


NW Nature Nut said...

I *do* enjoy fall. I have been thinking fall is in the air these days. The Vaux's Swifts are starting to congregate in a local school chimney and put on a good show every night before migrating. That is a sure sign of fall for me, but I don't mind. :)

Kelly said...

...beautiful photos of beautiful flowers!! I'm still in denial too, but slowly, I'm starting to see the merits of the fall. Soon, I know autumn will seduce me!! I have a pumpkin that's almost ripe on the vine, gourds are ripening.....but, I'm still holding on to summer, and the heat, and the sun, and the flowers....and those hummers. Until they leave, I won't believe autumn is anywhere near.

Carol Mattingly said...

Heather I'm ready for Fall to fall on in. Great close up shot!

Heather said...

Michele - Don't get me wrong, I love fall, but the transition period between summer and fall is sometimes a little hard for me. And the shortened daylight... definitely NOT something I like!

Kelly - You got it! Ditto about holding on to summer with the sun and flowers (and the hummers!). For me, it's easier transitioning from spring into summer than from summer into fall.

Carol - Good for you! Once the leaves start falling and that hint of crispness is really in the air, then I will be ready!

The Inn and Spa at Cedar Falls said...

Heather- Amazing close up!!! I have begun to crave chili, a dish I normally reserve for fall/winter Sunday afternoons. This means that summer's days are numbered. I know the cool weather is coming, but I hope to have a few more weeks of warm summer days!

RuthieJ said...

Hi Heather
I'm really noticing the shorter days too--I really have to scurry to get all my outside stuff done after supper now! But my wild grapes are finally ripe and the apples are pretty ripe too, so fresh batches of grape jelly and apple butter are on the agenda for this long Labor Day weekend.

Heather said...

Cedar Falls - Yum, chili does sound good! I've been cooking stuff in my crockpot for the last 3 weekends, which is something I don't usually do during the summer, so I guess I'm feeling fall in my bones, despite being in denial. I hope to make it to the Hocking Hills once the trees start to change!

Hi Ruthie! Mmmmm... your Labor Day plans sound delicious! I love how the last 2 comments have been about FOOD! Ha!