Sunday, February 21, 2010

Icy Ash Cave

This weekend Dave and I drove up to Ash Cave in the Hocking Hills. We went in hopes of seeing a monstrous ice formation.

Admittedly, this formation is pretty large. But we've seen it even bigger in past years, so we were a teeny bit disappointed.

This little guy next to the ice mound gives you some idea of perspective.

And here's Dave looking up at the falling water that is contributing to this mound.

A good number of folks were out on this fine weekend to enjoy the warmer temperatures and, for the first time in several weeks, no snowfall!

Stay tuned for more images and musings on this icy spectacle.


Kelly said...

...very cool....I didn't realize how big it was until I saw the little boy next to it. I love the blueish tint showing up in the photo with Dave. Those ice cycles are probably a lot larger than I thought too. I wish it wasn't so far away!!

Today was awesome. I loved feeling the warmer temps, but Rick just told me cold is coming back and snow this week!

Andy said...

That last shot really gives a nice perspective.

The Early Birder said...

An incredible spectacle. FAB.

RuthieJ said...

that's pretty cool. you don't realize how big it is until you see the people standing nearby

Heather said...

Kelly, Andy, Frank, Ruthie - Thanks to all of you for your comments. When I go to places like this I try to get at least a few photos with people in them for reference, just so you all can comprehend how massive something like this ice formation is. The follow-up post will involve much closer looks at the ice.