Saturday, June 12, 2010

Blooming whites

White seems to be a dominant color of wildflowers in this part of the state at any time of the year when flowers are in bloom. There's Trilium, Dutchman's Breeches and Squirrel Corn early on in the season, and Mayapples, too. Clover, Queen Anne's Lace, Foam Flower and Black Cohosh start popping up in late spring. Right now the Oxeye Daisies are in full flower, lining roadways and filling fields with their bright white petals and sunny yellow faces. This year was also a stellar year for the blooming of Penstemon Digitalis, aka Foxglove Beardtongue. I don't recall it being so vigorous and ubiquitous in years past. Most examples that I have seen near the homestead are done blooming now, but I certainly enjoyed them for the several weeks that they were so showy.

Foxglove Beardtongue, Penstemon Digitalis

I love the little hairs on these flowers for some reason...

The rain drops really show off the presence of those hairs in this photo.

As I mentioned above, the Oxeyes are really showy right now, and are readily found in many locations near our property. I took some fanciful shots of them last weekend, one of my first days on a photo safari in weeks. It was a soothing exercise.

This dainty clover caught my eye, too. Something about it's pink coloring stood out as being very girly and appealing to me.

For a more artistic and impressionistic treatment of the daisies, please see Impressions of a Daisy on my photo blog.


Joy K. said...

How could any bee resist the foxglove beardtongue? It's shape is practically begging for a pollinator to step in and work its magic.

ksdoolittle said...

Some amazing macro, Heather. Here, everything is purple right now. ~karen

Judy said...

I love the little hairs on the foxglove!!! You are right about the raindrops (or dewdrops) emphasizing the hairs! I love the black and whit of the corner of a daisy, too! Something about the way the petals overlap.

Gabrielle said...

As always, I so enjoy your flower photos. Your love of the plants comes through.

James said...

I love those b/w images. Beautifully captured.

Kathiesbirds said...

Heather, such detail! Very nicely done!

Heather said...

Joy - Yes, you're right. I saw a number of bee butts hanging out of these flowers, but I didn't capture any in pictures, unfortunately.

Karen - Thank you! Purple is not a terribly common wildfower color around these parts - white and yellow dominate, for sure. We do have a few things blooming purple, though - just not very showy.

Judy - Thanks! I know what you mean about the overlapping of the petals - I like that one, too.

Gabrielle - Thanks for your nice comments. It's nice to hear that the love shines through. ;)

James - Thanks so much!

Kathie - Good to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Kay said...

beautiful photo-essay! I love the various shades of white.

Heather said...

Kay - Thank you for your visit and for your comment.