Monday, September 1, 2008

New toy!

Dave is now the proud owner of a tractor!

It's a Kubota BX2350 sub-compact tractor with a 23HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine. Currently the front-end loader is the only attachment on the tractor - we're still waiting on the rear blade to come in.

We took pictures on a couple of different days. It was suggested that I didn't take enough pictures of the actual tractor the first day (I was more concerned with getting close-ups of the happy operator, I guess).

Already he's moved a few railroad ties around with the bucket, used the bucket to "blade" the driveway (kind of -the bucket doesn't do quite as clean a job as the real blade will do, but it's decent enough), and moved around a little earth with it.

He even let me give it a shot. Actually, I was a little intimidated by it at first, but once I tried it out, I now understand how fun it is to play with!

Next project: building a pole barn to house the new toy (as well as other items that need better homes than they currently have).

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