Saturday, June 20, 2009

Under construction

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm in the process of changing my template. This is definitely the layout I want, but I'm not entirely sure about the colors and how the header might change. Things may morph a little more over the next few weeks.... or maybe not, we'll see.

I would appreciate any feedback that you all might have, especially regarding the speed at which images load, as they might start getting larger. Do the images stand out okay against the dark background? And what about the text - is it overpowered by the images or the width of the post side of the blog? Comments are welcome.


Monika said...

Hey Heather, I like the new look! I think the stretch format is great. I didn't have any problems with the images being slow. I think the white text on black is a little bit harsh on the eyes...maybe another dark color but not black?

Heather said...

Monika - Thanks for the feedback. I'm actually going for a dark blue background color at the moment, and I just tweaked it to be a tad bluer... See what you think. I'll continue to hammer out some other details.

Ginnymo said...

Looks good to me Heather. It's fun to play around with different things till you get what you like. I like changing things a lot. But I don't yet know how to do my own. I have to use the templates they give us on here. Which are good enough for me.

Meg said...

Hi Heather!

First: thanks for sharing the seven things about yourself. I really like reading those things. I did a "six things" about myself a long-ish time ago. It's fun to learn a bit more about people you already like!

Second: I like your new template, too! (I hope to make my pictures bigger also in my overhaul) I think I agree with trying a different dark color for the background. The sidebar took a little longer to come up, but it wasn't bothersome since your main content came up right away. In my opinion, everything is worth it to see your photos in larger format!

NW Nature Nut said...

I like it. Is this a blogger template? If not, how did you find it? I like the color. I too am always trying to find the "perfect" look. Good luck!

RuthieJ said...

So far, looks good Heather! I'll wait to see how fast your images load--my home computer is a lot slower than my work computer so I know some of the blogs take a while, but I'm OK with that because your pictures are always worth waiting for!

Heather said...

Ginny - Thanks. I'm just using a Blogger-supplied template, too - just playing around with the colors a bit is all.

Meg - Hi! I'll have to go back and find your "six things" post. Since you're not putting up new content right now, it's the perfect time for me to go back and read your archives!
I'm still working on tweaking the colors to so that it won't be harsh on anyone's eyes - I've got some other combinations that I want to try. I can't WAIT to see your new "overhaul!"

Michele - Yes, it is the "Minima Stretch" template from Blogger. It comes standard w/white background and black text, but you can edit all of the main colors (and fonts) within the editing pages of the dashboard (the editing tab is called "colors/fonts" or something like that).

Ruthie - Thanks for your input. Let me know how it loads on your work computer.