Monday, September 20, 2010

The whisper of autumn

Crows - caw, caw, cawing... a melancholy song
Squirrels scamper amidst a carpet of crunching leaves
Crisp breezes slowly denude the trees and
Nuts randomly pelt the ground
Crickets chirp at midday -
Fields of corn and soy, brown and spent,
prepare to give of their fruit for the harvest -
Asters and pumpkins, cider and bonfires
Brilliant leaves offset by brooding skies -
Daylight fades sooner
Dawn shimmers with dew
Coolness set in
yet butterflies and dragonflies
still fill the fields
holding on as long as they can.
I, too, am holding on, clinging to summer -
The siren song of autumn is drawing me in,
enticing me.
It is my only choice -
to embrace and rejoice.


James said...

Nice. I miss northern autumn. Down here, though, we can't kick summer out the door fast enough.

Kelly said...

...beautiful, Heather!

Ginnymo said...

I am looking forward to the fall weather even though I know winter will soon come. I love watching all the little critters getting their nests ready for winter. The chipmunks are carrying nesting materials back to their nests. it's amazing how much dead leaves they can fit into their little mouths...and the woodchuck is getting real fat. It will be a long winter for him.
Nice verse Heather. Happy fall!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather I am so glad to see you blog again. Your " I miss" blog had me worrying that something was wrong with you. You enthusiasm is contagious and I missed it Kramer Bill

MaineBirder said...

Absolutely beautiful Heather! My favorite time of the year!

Heather said...

James - Thanks. I've had just about enough of summer, too. I think.

Kelly - Thank you!

Ginny - Yes, all the animals are certainly very busy preparing for the colder weather. I hope they all make it through the winter comfortably. Happy Fall to you, too, Ginny!

Bill - Thanks for your concern. Nothing's wrong, just been very busy lately and blogging has taken a back seat. Take care.

John - Thanks so much. It is a very special time of year, to be sure.