Monday, September 5, 2011

Counting down to time on the Lake

I'm getting anxious for the Midwest Birding Symposium. As I write, it's just a few hours over being 9 days away. I can't believe it will be here so soon! And trust me, I really cannot wait!

This year I hope to spend a little more time out in the field looking for birds, and to that end we'll be heading up a little early to check out places like Magee Marsh and the Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge. Don't get me wrong, there will be birding field trips going on during the symposium, but I learned my lesson at the last symposium 2 years ago: allow extra time for exploring on my own!

While I hope to pick up some new water and shore birds while I'm there, I will also welcome opportunities to see the more common birds, like the ever-present gulls and herons.

Lone gull flying over Lake Erie

Gull silhouette

Gull wanna cracker?

Great Blue Heron in early morning light

Yes, the birds are the main draw for this event, but don't forget the sights, too. And local businesses!

We love this place for the food and the atmosphere. They will be seeing plenty of us.

Be sure to check out the Marblehead lighthouse.

And make time to enjoy as many Lake Erie sunsets as you can.

There's STILL time to sign up for the World's Friendliest Birding Event, AKA, the Midwest Birding Symposium.

If you've already signed up, please come join myself and the other Official MBS Bloggers in the Den of Blogniquity in the north end of Wesley Lodge. We'd love it if you would stop by and say "hi!"

Official 2011 Midwest Birding Symposium Blogger

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