Sunday, October 26, 2008

Blazing autumn

Dave and I recently went on a weekend camping trip to Ohiopyle, PA, one of our favorite camping spots. Much to our surprise, the campground, and the town of Ohiopyle, was chock full of people. The weather was chilly (at or below freezing at night), but that didn't matter. Most likely folks were there to enjoy the astonishing fall foliage display. The colors there were more brilliant than they are in Ohio, I think.

Every time we go camping I always take a photo (or two or three) of our campsite...

Now for some color

Looking up... and looking down

Taken from a "scenic vista point". If you look closely in the middle of the photo for the lighter patches, you'll find the Youghiogheny River snaking through the valley.

And here's the "Yough" up close.

Me, the tree hugger. I hugged quite a few trees during our hike that day.

And here I am, demonstrating that fashion follows function (AKA looking dorky, but staying warm and safe). Oy.

Stay tuned for more images of fall.


Jenny Clark said...

It definitely looks like there's more fall color in PA. The trees around Cincy are still pretty much green!

RuthieJ said...

Wow, what a gorgeous place!

Your fashion looks good Heather! That's the great thing about camping and outdoor activities--I don't think it matters how you look as long as you're warm and dry!