Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Happy (t)Oc(k)tober!

Listen up people! It's October, which means it's Tocktober! Don't know what the heck I'm talking about?! Normally I would recommend getting yourself on over to Cute Overload, as that is where Tocktober began, but there are no menshons of the fantastic month as of yet (sorry, reverting to Cute Overload speak here... please bear with me). What are they waiting on, halloweens? (NOTE FROM MGMT: THE TOCK SUBMISSIONS JUST TOOK A WHILE TO COME IN - TOCKTOBER IS NOW IN FULL SWING OVER AT THE C.O.) I'll just have to get the party started all by myseff with some 'tock photos from my trip to the Wilds this past weekend. We shall start off with thees fine specimen, a bebeh Greater one-horned rhinoceros.

Next on zee menu, more rhino 'tocks, this time the Southern white rhinoceros.

And yet another horned beast, these be the 'tocks of the Sable antelope (face blurred to protect the innocent).

And finally, a whole herd of 'tocks, the grand Bison bid our tour buses adieu.

Happy Tocktobering to you all. Stay tuned for more serious posts from my trip to the Wilds.
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Meg said...

HOLY SMOKES! Way to go, Heather!

'Tocks up,


Julie Zickefoose said...

Dang! You got a comment from Meg!

We celebrate Tocktober every day here on Indigo Hill. Especially when Baker goes all froggy on us, flattening out. Excellent tockage.