Thursday, October 9, 2008

The doggies in my life

I take so many pictures of nature - trees, flowers, birds, insects, skies, water, snow... that it's nice when other beings call themselves to my attention when I have the camera out. I never plan on taking pictures of the dogs, but opportunities present themselves.

For instance, here's Emmett enjoying the nice fall colors lining our driveway. Emmett seems to enjoy having his picture taken.

And here's Jupiter, hanging out in the wood shed. She's not much of a picture poser, and very rarely sits still long enough for me to get one good shot of her, let alone the 15+ shots I got of her before she decided she had had enough of this nonsense. In fact, the more I think about it, the more I decide that she was deliberately posing for me. She saw where I had my camera mounted on the tripod, went to a spot nearby where she doesn't normally hang out (that I know of), and plunked herself down in a very likable position for me and the camera. A rare move for her, indeed.

'k, we're all done here

I can't believe Emmett and Jupiter are going to turn 12 at the end of this month!
And speaking of birthdays, today is my Dad's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!

This is Fudge, one of the neighbor dogs who lives down the road. He's a bit of a spaz, he likes to ambush your car from the side of the road, and when he gets too excited he pees (maybe on you), but overall he's a nice dog.

And this is Spook, who lives with Fudge. They are buddies and you rarely see one walking around without the other (unless Fudge is on house arrest for ambushing cars). Spook is a very sweet girl, if not particularly fond of the camera. She gets shaved every summer and looks like a completely different dog with her short hair (this is NOT her short hair, although she's not at full winter length here yet, either).

I love you all, my little canine friends!


J. Quinn said...

Jupiter was a beautiful animal. Rest in peace, furry friend.

Heather said...

Thank you Jeff. She was a beauty, to be sure, and a sweet, sweet girl to boot. We will miss her.