Sunday, July 5, 2009

Recategorizing, and the Birth of a Blog

First off, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who cast their vote on my last post regarding the photo contest entries. According to the popular vote, "Gentle Giants" got first pick with 9 votes (some votes were cast in person, in addition to those on the comment form). Tied for 2nd place is the Fluffy Dandelion Head and Squirrel's Dining Table, and tied for third are Awesome Osteopernum and Lost in the Crowd. So, I still have some decisions to make, but you all helped me narrow it down. Thank you!

On a somewhat related note (related to photography, that is), the Nature Blog Network recently announced that they have broadened the range of categories to which members can attribute their blogs. We can still choose only one category for our blog, but now we have approximately 30 categories to choose from instead of 10.

I started out in the Network categorized as "Birds", but now I see how much my focus changes depending on the season and what happens to be right in front of me (and my camera) at any given moment. I still love birds, don't get me wrong, and come fall and winter they will likely come back to the fore again, but the main thing that drives this blog (and my reason to blog) is Photography... so I've changed my category to that. I'm so glad it was finally added as an option over on the Network!

And... I'm very excited to announce that in order to further my photographic efforts, I have created a new blog, Photography of the Hills. I will still maintain Heather of the Hills in its current format, so don't worry, this blog isn't going anywhere. I just need a slightly different format - a different vibe, if you will - for sharing what I feel is the more artistic side of my photography.

It's funny, when I first started my nature blog, back in the day before I had any followers or much of a readership at all, there was some little voice in the back of my mind that said I needed a blog specifically devoted to photography. Of course at that time, I was new to the whole blogging thing, and the idea seemed quite crazy. But now I have a better grasp of things, and the time just feels right to make this move. So I hope you'll at least have a look at the new site, and maybe even consider checking in on it from time to time. I promise I'll give lots of eye candy over there!

Here's a preview:

I hope to see you there!


Tom said...

Heather, you have a great eye, I'm looking forward to seeing your new blog.

Nature As Is said...

That's exciting Heather and I will for sure check out your other blog!!....Just so you know and I should post this as well on my blog I too changed to Photography. Like you I originally put myself under birds...but I'm more than birds now...I'm like an ecosystem, but I noticed that that option wasn't available to me anymore. So Photography it is!! Great minds think alike Heather :)

Heather said...

Tom - Thanks. Getting input from other photographers, like yourself, will be an invaluable step in the learning process.

Crista - I'm excited too! By the way, the "Ecosystem" category got changed to "Natural History," so the category is still there, just under a different name. But I think the Photography category suits you, too.

NW Nature Nut said...

I was "birds" and changed to "photography" too. I like the ferny business on the side of your blog now...very nice. Now I am off to check out your new blog!

Kathiesbirds said...

Good for you and good luck with your new photography blog. Artistic expression is always wonderful. I'm glad you are nuturing this creative side of yourself.

Heather said...

Michele - You're like me, showing pictures of lots of different stuff. Glad you like the new background. And thanks for adding yourself as a follower over on my new blog!

Kathie - Thank you. I'll be interested to see what path this new venture leads me on!

Anonymous said...

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