Thursday, November 5, 2009

Who can resist this face?

Whenever I go on a trip, no matter how close or far from home I am, I am always delighted when I see domesticated animals around. And by "domesticated animal," I am specifically referring to cats and dogs. The sight of these two animals which serve as human companions can really brighten my day - even if it's just a cat that lives in the neighborhood where I work. I'll wear my personality on my sleeve a bit here by saying that sometimes I feel that I can connect with a cat or dog more easily and readily than I can connect with a human. Having said that, it must be apparent to you by now that I have a special affinity for these creatures.

During our recent trip to Kentucky, we stayed in a lovely cabin. In the cabin's guestbook several previous guests had mentioned that a dog had dropped by for a visit. I saw the dog one day while we were in the car, but he was several cabins away from us. The day after that, he walked down the road and paid us a visit, just like he had with the other guests.

Cute little bugger, isn't he? He was very sweet and personable, and was not afraid of us at all. He readily accepted our pats on the head, scratches behind the ears, and rubs of the tummy.

It wasn't all about being near us, though. He also stalked the woods near our cabin for chipmunks and other rodents, but then he came back up on the porch to see what we were up to. He wore a collar, but no ID, so we didn't know his name. He was obviously someone's pet, because he was well-cared for (except he was in need of a flea bath). The first evening he came by, he hung out on our porch, curled up right in front of the door, until late that night. He was gone the next morning, but stopped by again for a brief stay early in the evening before wandering on his way.

This guy has obviously been asked to pose for pictures before!

Even the sweetest dog eventually gets tired of having a camera shoved in his face, though.

While I was glad for his short companionship, I did worry about the fact that he was out roaming freely. It was not a heavy traffic area, by any means, but the risk of accidents with loose dogs is just too great. I hope he stays safe.

For fear of making my own puppeh jealous that he is not being mentioned in a post about dogs, here's a shot of Emmett that I took the other day. He turned 13 a week ago.

Next time, I'll share some photos of special felines that I've encountered while away from home.


Meg said...

Gah! Don't do that to me! We've been holding off on getting another dog for a long time now. The horses eat enough for everyone around here...but that hound dog face...oy! And your sweet Emmett is a cutie, too. Happy belated birthday, boy!

Andy said...

Nice looking dog

Kelly said...

...ahhhh.....he does have a really cute mug! Sweet puppy! I wonder where he lives? He's like communal property visiting all the vacationers in the cabins! How is Emmett doing?

RuthieJ said...

true confessions? I'm guilty of the same affinity for animals vs. humans as you are Heather. :-)
Emmet's an adorable puppeh -- you're very lucky to have already had 13 years with him and I hope you have many more.

NW Nature Nut said...

The two photos of him on the deck sure are cute. What a sweet pup. I hope he stays safe. I'd be worried about him too!

Sentimental Sapsucker said...

What a great series of photos! I love the ones of the beagle being petted on the head. And Emmett is beautiful. I had a blue-eyed Siberian Husky for almost 14 years. Now we just have six cats, (strictly indoors.) One of them is named Jupiter 2.

Heather said...

Meg - Sorry my dear! I was just trying to kill you all with cuteness, not make you go out and get another dog... hee hee! Thanks for the b-day wishes for Emmett - he says thanks.

Andy - I heartily agree.

Kelly - Ha, communal property, I didn't think of him that way. They should mention "friendly neighborhood dog may come to visit you" in the brochure for the cabins! Emmett is doing very well, thanks for asking. I think he's adjusting well to being solo.

Ruthie - Thanks for sharing that info about yourself. I suspect there are quite a few of us out there who "gravitate" toward animals more easily than people.

Michele - Luckily there is not much traffic on the roads where the cabins are, so hopefully there isn't TOO much danger of him getting hit.

S.S. - Thank you. Yes, I think Emmett is quite the handsome dog. You mentioned that one of your cats is named Jupiter... Emmett's sister was named Jupiter (sadly, she passed away a couple of months ago).