Friday, December 4, 2009


I have finally fallen into the clutches of Facebook. I never thought it would happen, but it has. I wasn't too sure about it at first, but over the last couple of weeks since I signed up, I have reconnected with a friend from high school that I haven't talked to for 17 years (!), and I've been able to chat live with another friend who moved to South Korea to teach English. Those things in and of themselves have made it worthwhile. I'll figure out at some point how to balance my time between the two mediums, but for now it's that "new toy" phenomena...

That coupled with the fact that I simply need to get my rear in gear as far as getting some stuff accomplished for the holidays (cards, anyone?) may cause my posts to be bit sporadic over the next few weeks, as well as my reading and commenting on y'alls blogs.

On the up side, I just got a new point and shoot camera with video capabilities, so hopefully I'll have some vids to share of peanut-eating birds, and hungry-hungry piggy squirrels. Stay tuned.


karen said...

Hey, Heather, how're you doing? I'm shocked that you "took the plunge". But glad you are enjoying. I'm back in the real world, at least for the time being. Am enjoying catching up with your blog. Looking forward, as usual.

Tom said...

Facebook is a great way to connect with people. I've found that I get plenty of traffic to my blog from my links that I post to facebook. I reach a whole new audience, although now my non-nature friends realize how much of a nature nerd I really am.

Anonymous said...

So... how do we find you on Facebook? :) It's sure a great way to connect with people. Here in Russia people don't really use Facebook (they use local networks) but I found myself communicating with english-speaking people from all over the world thanks to Facebook and that's great.

My congrats with your new camera too! Will look forward to seing vids with hungry-hungry piggy squirrels! Lol

Heather said...

Karen - It's been good to hear from you again. Welcome back to the real world, even if it is only temporary. You're just as shocked as I am that I "took the plunge." I'll try to be a good blog host despite my new distraction!

Tom - I'm not necessarily looking for new blog traffic from FB, but if it comes, that's great. And I'm sure my non-nature friends will also quickly realize what a nature nerd I am, too!

Aluajala - Just look up Heather Aubke - I'll be your friend!

Andy said...

"...fallen into the clutches of Facebook" LOL!

Most positive to the reconnecting to some old friends.

Shelley said...

Yea - you're on facebook! I've been addicted a little bit lately on it - I'll have to find you - ha!!
Excited to see some videos of your birdies. I have asked the hubby for a videocam for christmas - I want to film the birds and Scout of course.

Heather said...

Andy - A great benefit, indeed.

Shelley - I'm glad you found me! That would be awesome to see some videos of your birdies and Scout.