Friday, August 20, 2010

Killdeer Plains grab bag

There are still a few more images I want to share from the Killdeer Plains OCVN workshop that I attended last month.

I arrived in Upper Sandusky late Friday afternoon, where I met up with Nina to do a little exploring before the workshop got under way. Nina had attended the workshop last year, so she already knew all the hot spots and graciously shared them with me. We checked out several lovely areas at Killdeer that Friday night, and one of those areas brought me my first glimpse of Blue Dasher dragonflies. They assume an interesting posture from time to time that is know as the obelisk. It doesn't look unlike a gymnast doing a handstand on a pommel horse! It is thought to be a territory display, but it is also hypothesized to be a mechanism for regulating body temperature (both males and females will adopt this pose).

Male Blue Dasher dragonfly in obelisk pose atop a cattail.

Fast-forward to Sunday morning, when we awoke to a foggy, humid morning. There was a slight breeze, which is what I assume helped the fog to recede much earlier than I would have expected (we all met up at 7am that morning, and the fog was all but gone by 7:30, which is uncharacteristically early for fog burn-off in my experience). Luckily there was a little time for photography before our first session got under way that morning, as the dew made everything sparkly and beautiful beyond compare.

Squirrel-tail Grass, accentuated by the morning dew

Spiders often aren't on most of our radars unless we happen to cross paths with them, but just because we don't see them doesn't mean they aren't out there. The conditions that morning were just right to betray their presence... everywhere!

A cobweb festival! How many do you count?

Dueling webs?


It really was a great weekend!


Vickie said...

Gorgeous images, Heather! Brighter and more enticing than Christmas lights!

Anonymous said...

The cobwebs are fantastic!! Looks like you encountered the local web show :)

KaHolly said...

You and Nina together! Wow, what a weekend you must have had. Love these beautiful spiderwebs, Heather. ~karen

Heather said...

Vickie - Thank you. If only they were visible more often than just during those fleeting moments on dewy mornings....

Aluajala - It was quite a show, indeed!

Karen - Thanks, we both had a great time learning about lots of interesting stuff.

Judy said...

I love looking at all the spiderwebs on a dewy morning, but you are right - I completely forget them when the sun is shining! My favourite photo is the dew on the squirrel tail grass! I have tried to capture something like that, but not done nearly so well as you have!

MaineBirder said...

Those webs are gorgeous! Lovely photo series Heather!

Meg said...

Is all I can say.

Andy said...

Hmm, I thought I had commented on this. Apparently not.
So, great photos! :)

The Early Birder said...

Loved the 'hand-standing' Darner and the cobwebs. Absolutely super.

Heather said...

Judy - Thanks for your comments. As to the squirrel tail grass shot, I have to credit the light and the dew for making that shot what it is!

John, Meg, Andy, Frank - Thank you all for your kind words.