Saturday, February 28, 2009

Being true to myself

One of the things I realized as I stepped back from my blog a few days ago was that I was not having fun with it. I might have been presenting interesting and/or informative material, but writing those posts was not very pleasant for me. Writing posts where I have to do even a minimal amount of research is quite difficult for me, and those posts are absolutely the most difficult for me to do. And they are not fun. They feel too much like writing papers for school.

It has become apparent to me that this is mostly a creative outlet for me, a chance for me to show and share the beauty I see in nature in a creative way. Getting out there with my camera and seeing the world in new ways is an important thing to me, and I truly think it is the best way for me to communicate what I see and how I feel about it.

The reason I'm spelling this all out for you is to a.) give you a good idea of what to expect here in the future, and b.) perhaps help others who are experiencing blogger malaise to find their way again. If blogging has been getting you down, don't be afraid to take a break. Post when you're inspired. And think about what matters most to you in publishing your blog. Don't try to focus in too many directions (unless you like doing that, of course!), or you might burn out.

As Dave said to me the other day (and I'm paraphrasing here), "It's not "doing something for fun" if it's not fun anymore."

And so.... on to the fun stuff!

Beech leaf in grass

Winter grasses in evening light

Where ice meets flowing water

Sunset on the icy creek

Sycamore leaf - suspended

Ice and leaves

Day's end reflection...


KaHolly said...

You are absolutely right on! Your photos, accompanied by what little text you choose, is expression enough. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, thought provoking, and inspirational. At least be happy to share them!!! Because I would miss seeing them. I don't blog everyday, and only about what I want. I wasn't sure in the beginning. Blog about my crafts and my Etsy shop to promote business? Nature? Some days it actually worried me! So, now, like you, I just put out there what feels good to me. Read it or not! Right??

Heather said...

KaHolly, thank you for your feedback. I'm so happy to hear that my photos speak to you - that really means a lot to me. I know what you mean about worrying, I did it too (and I'm sure I'll do it some more!). But what's the point in that? Not every post is going to appeal to everybody, but who cares? This whole blogging medium is still a work in progress I think, so let's just keep on supporting each other through it all.

The Early Birder said...

I agree Heather, it shouldn't be a chore but it can become obsessive if you let it rule your life. Post what you want, when you want. I started off this year posting nearly evey day to record what I had seen or done (that was the initial objective) but it takes up too much time so now I'm thinking more selective.
They say "Pictures speak louder than words" & yours certainly talk to me. Stay well. Frank

Kallen305 said...

Heather, I had the same problem and now I post what I feel like posting. Very rarely do I give facts as folks can get facts on Wiki or the Cornell web site. Some days I feel like taking photos, other days I want to write. It's your blog and do what makes you happy. This will re-ignite your passion and it will show on your blog.

I absolutely love your pictures and how you were able to bring out the natural beauty in the winter that is still all around us.

Kelly said...

...beautiful photos...keep the fun stuff coming!!! Your posts are always sweet, gentle and fun, and I enjoy them.

I felt the same way a few days ago, so I just posted a very colorful sunflower and cardinal photo that made me feel happy. It took all the pressure off. I'm glad you posted your feelings!! Seems like we're all in the same boat.

NW Nature Nut said...

You are so right. I feel the same way. I love to see my statcounter rise with visitors, but I know I have to "work" to get that. (visit and comment on lots of blogs and post lots of posts) But that seems like work. I too am trying to just post when I am inspired to. I think that makes more sense and keeps the fun in it. I work full time, so this is just for fun and I don't need another "job". Have fun with it and I will look forward to your inspired posts.

Warren Baker said...

Hi Heather,
Thanks for dropping by my blog.25 species is a good count, i'm sure you will increase your score the more experienced you become. just keep looking and listening. (you do look like a young naturalist!)

Kingsdowner said...

Your list brings back fond memories of my holiday in Canada last year - lovely!
Regarding your comments about 'having fun' blogging - it's difficult to understand an internet audience, but when it comes down to it it's all about pleasing yourself. Enjoy!

Mary said...

Good for you! Blogging should be fun, or why do it? You are right about not wanting to do research. If I happen to know a fact that someone might not know, I may think to mention it, but most of the people reading my blog are usually educating me rather then the other way around. I absorb nature the same way I absorb things like historical sites. I look at everything, possibly pick up a bit of detail at the time, but if you ask me later all about it, I can't tell you other then "it was great!" I blog and read blogs because I have found a world of people with similar interests and lovely photos. No one has to educate me with their blog...just bring me a smile with your photos.

Heather said...

Thank you all again for your kind and supportive comments! I think most of you who have commented are in the same position as me in that we've all been blogging for a short-ish period of time. I guess it just takes a while to find one's "groove."

Frank - Yes, it can get a bit obsessive, and of course it can be VERY time consuming. It's nice to know that everyone is so understanding, though. Thanks for your nice comments.

Kallen - I think I was trying too hard to imitate other blogs that I know and like which are very informative. Also, I know sometimes people are lazy about going to get info themselves, so I wanted to present it, but ultimately that's just not me.

Kelly - Thanks for your sweet and kind words. I'm glad you enjoy what I have to offer here. And I really liked that very colorful photo that you put up the other day!

Michele - Yes, it's hard to work 9-5 and then spend a few more hours in front of a computer at home, especially when your not enjoying what you're doing. I'm honored that you're still following my blog.

Warren - Thanks for stopping by! Every day is a new learning opportunity, and I look forward to that!

Kingsdowner - I'm glad you stopped in. Thanks for the encouragement.

Mary - Thank you for the visit! I can relate to what you're saying about taking in everything at once but not being able to recount much detail about it later. I guess I can try to capture the detail in my pictures as best I can.

RuthieJ said...

I'm all for fun Heather! I love your pictures and stories and you're right, if I want to learn more about something I can always Google it. So keep the fun posts coming!