Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Nature: it's what the doctor ordered

I recently came across 2 separate links to the same article about a University of Michigan study that shows that nature is good for you! Not much of a surpise, right?
"University of Michigan psychology research in the December issue of
Psychological Science explored the cognitive benefits of interacting with nature
and found that walking in a park in any season, or even viewing pictures of
nature, can help improve memory and attention."

I will direct you to the full article, and a great related article, in a moment. But first I will share some soothing nature pictures that may benefit you cognitively...

Read the full article here. And a related, slightly more detailed article here.

Credit to Wren and the ODNR's WildOhio eNewsletter for leading me to this article.


Kelly said...

...absolutely beautiful! I love the softness in the second photo and the stream is gorgeous. You and Nina are living in a woodland paradise.

Kallen305 said...

You captures the beauty of winter at its finest.

NW Nature Nut said...

Beautiful snow. (Unless of course you have to drive in it, then my blood pressure would be rising!). Here is balmy Oregon it was in the 50's and sunny today. Practically tropical! Love all your great photos.

Mary said...

Heather, you know what? I'm busy at the office and really don't have time to read the study. BUT I know what you are saying is absolutely true. Nature soothes my soul. Obviously, you know that... Your photos here took me away from this workplace for a few minutes and I feel so much better! I can imagine how good I'll feel when I take a little walk this afternoon. Well, maybe not. It's only 17 degrees right now :o)


Shellmo said...

Every photo was gorgeous heather! I'm trying to remember that one quote...I go to nature to be soothed.....

Heather said...

Kelly - Thank you. I feel truly blessed to live in our wooded hills.

Kallen - Thank you for the compliment.

NWNN - Driving in the snow doesn't bother my quite so much, but the ice... now that's another story!

Mary - I'm glad I was able to transport you to a calming place, that really means a lot to me. I walk almost every day at lunch, too, and it does me a world of good.

Shelley - I'm afraid I don't know the quote you speak of, but I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Julie Zickefoose said...

Sweet, sweet photos. Around here in SE Ohio we don't need a pHD to know nature is good for you, do we?