Sunday, March 22, 2009

More Phoebe video

Here's another video of our mamma Phoebe working on her nest. Take a look and tell me what you think she's doing.

My theory is that she's using her tail to either a) sculpt the nest; or b) balance herself while using her feet to do some rearranging down inside the nest.

What do you think?

There hasn't been a great amount of activity at the nest over the past few days. Just continued tidying and adding of moss and some dog fur. We have no idea if there are any eggs in there yet or not.


Kelly said...

...interesting behavior and a good catch! I have no idea, but the foot stamping sounds logical. She does seem to be smoothing out the inside or something!

Shellmo said...

I wish I could play this video - I have to have the hubby look at my computer again. I think my security settings are preventing me. HOpefully I'll be back to view this cool video!!

Heather said...

Kelly - If nothing else, having this cam has provided us with an opportunity to see nest building behavior that we would otherwise never get to observe. It's kind of fun to make guesses at exactly what it is she's doing.

Shelley - I'm sorry you weren't able to view the video! Have you had problems with any other YouTube videos, or other embedded videos in general? Unfortunately I'm not sure what to suggest to get it to play for you. You may be on the right track about the security settings, though.