Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Young's Jersey Dairy

I'm digging back into my photo archives to share some photos taken in April 2006 at Young's Jersey Dairy in Yellow Springs, OH. It's a working dairy, and they are famous for their fabulous ice cream that they make fresh. They also have lots of family-oriented activities, like 2 miniature golf courses, batting cages, a driving range, and.... a petting zoo!

They also have a very large windmill that I really liked.

If you ever happen to be driving on Route 68 (maybe on your way to Dayton, Springfield or Cincinnati), you should stop in. But if you want ice cream, especially in the summer, be prepared to wait. The lines are always long!


Kallen305 said...

Such sweet pictures of the adorable goats. I LOVE the picture of the little calf looking out the window. I have not been to a petting zoo in a couple of year now and I suddenly realize how much I miss it. I bet it's even more fun with a camera. Thanks for the idea!

Kelly said...

Young's Dairy is about 30 mins up the road from us and it's definitely know for its ice cream (and it's cute little goats and cows). You can even get there by bike on the Little Miami Bike Trail (it would take about a half day). The kids love it (as well as the adults). Yellow Springs is an artsy to visit!!

RuthieJ said...

I love Jersey cows--they are so pretty! And those goats look pretty fun too!

KaHolly said...

Cute animals, but I esp. like the windmill!

Heather said...

Kallen - Yes, taking the camera along did make it more fun. That was actually one of the first places I shot pictures when I got that camera, and looking back, I'm pleased that they came out as well as they did even though I wasn't terribly familiar with the camera yet.

Kelly - I figured you knew about Young's. That would be a nice bike ride. I love Yellow Springs. I haven't spent much time there in the last 10 years, but it's certainly one of my favorite places in Ohio (it's right up there with Athens!). Aside from the artsy factor, there's Clifton Gorge. It's so beautiful there!

Ruthie - Yes, the Jersey's are pretty. I think it's those eyes.

KaHolly - I love the windmill, too. I was looking for another windmill image to post along with these (taken at a different location), but couldn't find it. Oh well.