Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ode to the Pine Siskin

I'm sure many folks have heard about and even experienced the irruption of Pine Siskins that has occurred this year. Our feeders have been no exception to this phenomenon. I've heard folks saying that they are such bullies at their feeders, and I guess they've pretty much shoved the Goldfinches out of the way at our feeders, too. But, it's been nice to have them around, nonetheless.

When the thistle feeder is too occupied, they pile up wherever else they can to get a bite. Poor little lonely Goldfinch (back left corner).

I was very surprised to see them eating both Zick Dough and regular suet.

Wait, no one told me we were having birdy yoga! I forgot my mat!

Bendy Bird - ENHANCE!

When you catch them alone, they look pretty sweet, don't they?

An agressive bird at the feeders? Who, little 'ol me?


Kelly said... funny....I took some photos today and some of my birds looked like they were doing yoga too! Since I'm a yoga teacher I recognized the poses right away! ;-)

Shellmo said...

I love the yoga pose you captured of the siskin! It's a love /hate relationship w/ me - but they are such cute inquisitive and fierce little things! But I'll be glad when my chickadees have some peace and quiet.

RuthieJ said...

I'm still seeing a few siskins at my feeders, but I bet they won't be here for much longer. Only a few redpolls and juncos hanging around anymore too.

Heather said...

Kelly - So that's sideways-facing-siskin, then, right?

Shelley - Luckily my siskins don't seem to bother anyone other than the goldfinches, but that's bother enough, I suppose.

Ruthie - These siskins are still here in large numbers, and I read that they will sometimes breed on their wintering ground. I hope that doesn't happen. My junco population is holding strong with only a handful (I haven't had very many this year), but I imagine they will leave soon.