Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy Birthday mutts!

Emmett and Jupiter turned 12 a few days ago (they are brother and sister).  They spend their days "confined" to roughly 6 acres of our land, free to roam within their electronic fence range, so I thought it would be a nice birthday treat if we took them for a walk along the path in the woods across the road.

These are some shots (taken from a dog's-eye view) from our walk today.

Hmm... something smells very interesting.

Some Jupito tail

Here Emmett kicked up a big Sycamore leaf, but the perspective makes it look like he's carrying it in his mouth.

I was (almost) always bringing up the rear, so I got lots of butt shots.

On the move...

Oops... Emmett got himself wrapped around a tree.  Poor Dopey Dog.

Nice legs!

Family photos

The walk tuckered 'em out, but I hope they enjoyed it!  It was a beautiful Indian Summer day, so I know I did.


Jenny Clark said...

Wow, 12 years! I can't believe it. I remember when Dave brought them to Dad's house soon after he got them and they were incredibly cute and cuddly. I wanted to keep them for myself.

RuthieJ said...

12 years old? That's a good age for your "furry children". It looks like they are well-loved and I hope you have many more good years with them.