Monday, November 24, 2008

Where me and my camera went

Yesterday at the end of my post I included 3 pictures that were taken inside something. I tried to encourage some audience participation and asked people to guess where the photo was taken, but didn't get any takers (party poopers!). Oh well. I'll reveal the answer anyway. But first, a reminder of the "clue" shots I gave...

If anyone else besides my husband guessed the inside of a rotten log (but didn't bother to tell me that's what you thought.... guilt, guilt, guilt), then you would be correct. Here's the grand log, looking straight up the trunk.

And from farther back... it was a pretty tall tree, a good 10 feet at least!

This kind of looks like a ghastly face - would have made for a good Halloween shot. I stuck my camera's lense in the "mouth" to capture all the interior shots.

Here's a shot from the side. You'll notice it's being supported by a live tree.

From this view you can really get a good sense for how rotten this tree is - it looks like the woodpeckers and Mother Nature have done a pretty good number on it.

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nina said...

Sorry I missed it--normally I like a puzzle. My weekends can be pretty crazy.
I'm glad you're still finding neat stuff to photograph, even in this season of greige.

RuthieJ said...

yes, I'm a party pooper (guilty as charged).....I didn't want to say something stupid like "you were inside a log" and then it turned out that you were!

Bev said...

Yay! I did too!

But my keyboard died yesterday, and by the time I got a new one I was so far behind that I didn't get back to answer the blog.

From the lurking Canuck