Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Feeder video

We had some major snowfall last night (major for us, anyway - 4", maybe?), and of course this brought lots of activity to our feeders today. I was able to catch a quick video of some of the happenings this morning. First you'll see a female Carndinal who shows some interest in one of the pine cone feeders, and at the end a Blue Jay snags a nut from the peanut feeder. Ever-present is the squirrel on the platform feeder. Enjoy!


Shellmo said...

Great action on the feedercam! Looked like the cardinal was trying to decide which was the best spot to eat to pinecone feeder from.

Heather said...

That Cardinal is interesting, Shelley. I say "that" Cardinal b/c I think it is a specific bird that keeps coming back to that pinecone feeder. I've never seen a Cardinal on it until recently, and every time I do, it's always a female, so I assume it's always the same bird. She's a brave girl to try new things!