Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Talk to me!

Just a quick note: I've added a poll over in the sidebar, under then webcam. I've got tons of questions I'd like to ask you all, about all kinds of stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for a new poll each week. Each poll will be open for 1 week. I'll post the results at the conclusion of the week.

Thanks for your participation!

(P.S. Sorry for the wacky color of the text in the poll itself. It didn't look like that when I first put it up (of course!). I'll try working on a fix when I get a chance.)


NW Nature Nut said...

That's a tough question, so I will rank them for you too. Really, I like everything. Lately I have been enjoying your webcam though.
1. is the favorite:
2.live webcam
3.photos (kinda ties with 2)
4.my nature experience
5.birding info.

That's not to say 5 isn't good, cuz it all is. I thought about doing a plume zoom on the Chestnut-backed Chickadee post, but I didn't want to steal your idea. I do enjoy those!

Heather said...

NWNN: Thanks so much for your detailed comments. I'm glad you're enjoying the webcam. Have at it with the bird quizzes! The Cornell Lab used to offer quizzes (much more complicated quizzes than my Plume Zoom) in conjunction with All About Birds, but the quiz has been "retired", so I decided to come up with something of my own. I encourage you to come up with your own spin on a bird quiz! Maybe we could even figure out a way to join forces in presenting a quiz (like a scavenger hunt, with different clues or parts of pictures on various blogs?). Waddya think?