Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking ahead

For anyone curious about what's coming up in 2009 on Heather of the Hills, here are a few things that stand out in my mind:

Videos of our birds

We recently purchased a Logitech webcam, which we hope to use to capture cool and interesting videos of visitors to our feeders. We've set up an account on Ustream that streams live video all day, but we ("we" meaning my husband) don't have all of the logistics worked out with the camera and how and where it will mount yet. I'll let you know once things are up and running.

Series of posts about harvesting firewood

Yes, that's me in the photo, wielding a chainsaw. My idea for this series came about in late summer 2008 when we were, well, harvesting firewood for the coming season(s?), but I just haven't gotten around to creating the actual posts yet. Some of you have seen some of my other "empowering women"-type posts, and this will probably have that type of slant to it, at least to some degree.

The Traveling Tajine Project

It seems like I've brought baking into this blog quite a bit over the last few months, which wasn't something I really intended, but it just happened. Cooking and baking are passions that have their ups and downs with me, but come September 2009 (waaaaay down the road!), I will be participating in the Traveling Tajine project. It's something set up by Garrett McCord over at Vanilla Garlic (one of my favorite food blogs) for those adventurous cooks who are interested in trying out tajine cooking, but not quite sure if they want to make the investment in storage space for such a large, odd-shaped item in their own kitchen. Over the coming months I'll be on the look-out for recipes that I can try out in the tajine, and I'll be looking forward to updates from the other participants (I hope) about their own experience with the tajine. Garrett's got a list of 12 of us to fill out the calendar year, and we each get to keep it for 1 month before shipping it off to the next person on the list. I'm looking forward to it! If any of you have any tajine recipes, let me know!
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NW Nature Nut said...

Your blog is a lot of fun. A girl with a chainsaw? If you lived closer we'd be good friends! I have no idea what a Tajine is, but I plan to google that next. I can't wait(!!!) to hear about the webcam. I think that could be a lot of fun. Please give us all the details of how you (I mean your husband) do it.