Friday, January 30, 2009

Service interrrupted

Hi everyone. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of live Feedercam over the past few days. Our area of Southeast Ohio has been hit hard by a snow and ice storm, and we have no power at the house, so that means no cam.

Luckily I pre-scheduled several days of posts just before the storm hit, but that cache is just about to run out, so if you don't hear anything from me over the weekend, it means I either still don't have power and/or wasn't able to get to a someplace where I could get online.

The sun is shining today, but we're not supposed to get above freezing until Sunday, so it will be a while before all of the ice and snow relieves our trees and power lines of the heavy burden they have been forced to bear for the past several days.

I took lots of pictures of all the ice and snow, so I'll certainly have plenty to share when things get back to normal. Hope to get caught up with all of you soon!

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