Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lakeside flowers

While attending the Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside, OH back in September, I couldn't resist taking photos of some of the beautiful flowers that were planted throughout the community. If there would have been more time I would have gone down to the Lakeside Daisy State Nature Preserve to perhaps get a view of some wildflowers like Ladies Tresses (see Jim McCormac's recent post about the rare Great Plains Ladies Tresses that he found there, among other things), but instead I had to "settle" for potted plants. =sigh= Just kidding! I was quite content to enjoy the beautiful flowers planted all over Lakeside (even though I didn't know what most of them were). Lona and Frank, this post is for you!

You know, it's been a while since I've done a collage. Oh wait, here comes one now!

I like these flowers because they look like big open mouths that are laughing really loudly!

Oh hi kitteh, how did you get in here with the flower pictures?


NW Nature Nut said...

Love the can never have too many of those!

Kelly said...

Heather....these flowers are absolutely gorgeous! Did you use your macro filters? I love the softness of some and the crispness of others--and the intense color of all of them! (And the kitteh sweet.)

carol said...

Beautiful flowers. It's been raining all week in Louisville so I'm happy to see some bright flowers. Love the cat pic too. Carol

Kirk Mona said...

Heather, I just ran across your site. You take wonderful photos!

The Early Birder said...

Fabulous blooms & great collage Heather. FAB.

Heather said...

Michele - Thank you. I agree, one can never have too many flowers.

Kelly - Thank you. I actually didn't use any macro filters on these shots. Just got in real close with my wide-angle lens.

Carol- I don't think we've had as much rain as you, but it's been a little dreary here. Glad the flowers brightened your day!

Kirk - Thank you for stopping by! I'll come check out your blog.

Frank - Thank you so much.

Meg said...

Mee-ow! That is a beautiful cat! What a great "capture."
My fave flower pic is the marigolds. Love that there are dead ones in there, too. Texture plus color--gorgeous!

Heather said...

Meg - That cat didn't want to sit very long for a portrait, so I wasn't able to get many good shots! Glad you enjoyed the photos.