Monday, October 19, 2009

New property bird

I'm very excited to announce that we've been having visits from Golden-crowned Kinglets on our property - a first for our woods! I have been hearing their characteristic high-pitched "tsee tsee tsee" call for a few days, but haven't been able to pin one down by sight until recently. I was delighted to finally get a good sighting through the binoculars and to see that gold crown. It was gleaning bugs from the leaves of a maple tree when I tracked it down.

As you can see from the range map (provided by the Cornell Lab's All About Birds website), these birds winter in Ohio. That's our first official, sighted wintering bird of the season. The juncos can't be too far behind. I have heard White-throated Sparrows in the field across the road, but haven't heard (or seen) them on our property yet.

Unfortunately no photos to share, but I did at least want to share the news. Happy birding to you all!


NW Nature Nut said...

I love those cute little guys! I saw one yesterday at the end of a birdwalk and it was one of my favorite sightings of the day. I hope you get to see it and snaps some pics!

Kelly said...!! Kinglets in the hood! I love those cute little jokesters. I see them on the Little Miami Trail a lot, but as of yet, they have not visited my yard. I'm glad they visited yours. Yesterday a Blackburnian Warbler dropped by--a first for our yard!

The Early Birder said...

Just great to hear your exciting news. I was thrilled when a Godcrest (Regulus regulus) visited us for the 1st time last winter..maybe it will turn up again! FAB

Meg said...

I count on you, Heather, for knowing these things. Honestly, it makes me happy. And it inspires me to learn the names of the birds I see on our land. I saw several today while riding in a section of our woods. Things are clearing out a bit and it makes it easier to see--easier for those of us not as practiced in seeing, that is : ) I'm looking up the Kinglet and will keep my eyes and ears sharp!

Ginnymo said...

It's always exciting to spot new birds! I've never seen one of those. But I sure do see a lot on here that I would never see otherwise. Hope you get a good pic of him soon Heather.

RuthieJ said...

I love watching the golden-crowned kinglets from my deerstand. They're usually in little flocks way at the top of the trees and one of the hardest birds to photograph.

Heather said...

Michele - Isn't it funny how some birds just brighten your day? I'm not holding my breath that I'll actually be able to catch one with the camera, but you never know.

Kelly - That's very cool about your Blackburnian Warbler. That would not only be a yard bird for me, but also a lifer!

Frank - I looked up the Goldcrest (and its cousin the Firecrest), and was amazed to see how much they look like our Gold-crowned and Ruby-crowned Kinglets. It still kind of blows my mind that such similar birds can be their own separate species. I hope your Regulus regulus shows up again this winter!

Meg - Aw, shucks... I'm glad I can provide you with some birding inspiration. It's so much easier when there are no leaves to obstruct one's view! I'm getting geared up for some good winter bird-watching!

Ginny - Yes, it certainly is thrilling to see new birds. Maybe one of these days it will come close enough for me to get that photo!

Ruthie - They are definitely one of the most active species of birds I've seen. The one I mentioned here actually sat still for several 5-second intervals, which was very helpful in getting a good look a his cute little crown.