Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Struggling to get in a groove

Since our return from the Red River Gorge last weekend, I find that I'm having a hard time getting back into a groove. It's been difficult to stay focused at work, and blogging hasn't been so appealing, either. I guess I got too used to not being in front of a computer screen for the days that we were gone, and that was a really nice change of pace that I'm not quite ready to part with.

Plus, I've been distracted by baking projects that I have floating around in my head. We have a potluck breakfast at my office every year for Halloween, and this evening I baked a cake for that. My birthday is coming up next week, and I'm going to make myself an awesome vanilla and lime flan that I saw on an episode of Planet Food a few weeks ago. Then there's the holidays.... I automatically go into high gear this time of year when it comes to baking.

Halloween cake, ready for the oven.

Showing off my new Kitchen Aid Artisan-series stand mixer. I love this thing. I've had it for about a month, and I've already used it a LOT.

I got this mixer for such a good price, and there was a rebate on top of that... it was a deal too good to pass up!

Just to prove I'm not totally obsessed with baking right now, here are a few photos of the great outdoors taken recently.

Beech trees on our property

Cool mushroom in the yard

Milkweed seeds bursting from their pod

Stay tuned for more baking obsessions...


Monika said...

It must be something about the changing seasons because I've really been getting into baking too. That vanilla and lime flan sounds tasty!

Also, that mushroom looks like a shaggy mane, if you were interested :)

NW Nature Nut said...

Nice post. It is the season for such things. I love that shiny new mixer...ooh, la la! The macro seed pod and cool mushroom sure is nice too! And happy b-day. Mine was last week!

Steve Willson said...

Hope you enjoy your birthday. I usually have several birthdays throughout the year. This really frustrates those at work who are trying to calculate my retirement date.

I've never worried about getting into a groove. A groove can too easily turn into a rut.

Sentimental Sapsucker said...

I'm jealous. And hungry!
I know what you mean about being back at work after a trip. Camping in the fresh air just made it extra annoying to be back at my office around perfume and non-naturalists. Photos help.

The Early Birder said...

If I don't get back in time..many Happy Returns for next week & enjoy the yummy flan.
I'm also not sure where I am at the moment but at the end of next week it will be a whole new world to explore. FAB

Carol Mattingly said...

Fantastic photos. I think I like all of them a lot! They're great Heather. Thank you for sharing and good luck with baking. You'll get back in the groove. Carol

Heather said...

Monika - Yes, I think the transition to fall signals something in us gals to bake, bake, bake! I am interested in the mushroom ID, thank you so much!

Michele - I knew you'd like that mixer. Happy belated birthday!

Steve - Thanks. Multiple birthdays per year, eh? Very interesting. You raise a good point about grooves having the potential to turn into ruts. I don't want that.

S.S. - You summed up exactly how I feel going back to work after spending a trip in the outdoors. It's less annoying when I have a weekend to readjust to being back at home, but still. Luckily, though, most of my co-workers have a healthy respect for the great outdoors.

Frank - Thanks for the b-day wishes. I can see I need to get caught up with your posts to find out what's going on in your world. I'll be over soon!

Carol - Thank you for the kind words and encouragement.

Gabrielle said...

Happy B-day a little early!

I've been feeling kind of the same way as you lately; more introspective, a little restless and distracted (but not so much into the baking - yet!). Maybe it is a modern version of a primitive instinct to hibernate.

Congrats on the KitchenAid. I treated myself to a new one in June after 15 years without. LOVE IT!!!

Heather said...

Gabrielle - You might be onto something there about a new twist on hibernation, although I feel the pull of "traditional" hibernation, too! In regards to the KitchenAid, it's funny - just about everyone I've talked to who has a stand mixer has referred to it as either "treating" themselves, or "finally breaking down and getting one." We all know it's quite an investment, but so well worth it once we have it!