Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Michigan flowers

Continuing on with flower photos from northern Michigan, I present 2 more lovelies: Bladder Campion and Deptford Pink.

I've yet to encounter Bladder Campion in Ohio, even though it does grow here. Most of the Bladder Campions up in Michigan were past their prime while we were there, but there were a few select specimens still blooming nicely.

Bladder Campion and Wild Pea

This is a special favorite of mine, Deptford Pink. One reason I like it is because it is dainty and diminutive, and its color really packs a punch for its size. Before the flower opens fully, it looks like this. At this stage, it reminds me of a tiny paint brush.

Sorry this one is a little blurry, but at least you can get an idea of the intense color.

Stay tuned, there are still more flowers to come!


Kelly said...

...I love the softness of these photos....and the color!! Beautiful...

Shelley said...

Only you could do so many wonderful things with these flower photos! :-) I loved every single one!

Kerri said...

Lovely flowers! I use the deptford pink as my avatar on twitter. I really LOVE that flower!

Heather said...

Kelly, Shelley and Kerri - Ladies, thank you so much for your nice comments.

Kerri, I think that's awesome that you use the Deptford Pink as your Twitter avatar!