Monday, October 26, 2009

Rare parrot caught shagging UK photographer

For those of you who peruse Cute Overload on a regular basis, you may have already seen this, but this is some amazing (and amusing) rare bird footage that any bird and/or nature lover MUST see!

The bird in the video is a Kakapo, and you can learn more about him over at the BBC's Last Chance to See site.

Carry on with your day. That was completely normal, right? Right, I thought so.


Andy said...

That's so wrong... LOL

Kelly said...

...but so funny!

Sentimental Sapsucker said...

Ohh, I had to go wipe my eyes! I’m still snickering (and kind of sick.) That poor photographer! But what a cool bird! Thanks Heather!
This is off-subject, but I saw your car-stickers comment on Jim McC’s license post. You might want bumper sticker “Treehugging Dirt Worshipper” from

s. annaby

carol mattingly said...

Too funny.

Heather said...

Andy - Isn't it, though? Yikes!

Kelly - Yes indeed. Such a naughty bird!

S.S. - I've watched this several times, and it's funny every time. Glad to share it. I'll have to check out that bumper sticker. Sounds like it would be right up my alley! Thanks for stopping by!

Carol - Hilarious, isn't it?

RuthieJ said...

That was hilarious even though it looked extremely painful. The parrot was huge!!

Ginnymo said...

This is so funny!! I sure hope they put some disinfectant on that guy. That bird sure did like that guy..LOL My Cockatiel does that to his little plastic clip on his cage and my male Parakeet used to hump the top of his mirror till I took it away. I guess that is nature. Ha!

Nature As Is said...

OH HEATHER you made my whole day!!! I laughed my A** off. I've been so depressed not being able to get out and take pictures. So this really lightened my spirits. Poor guy or lucky depends on how you look at things. :)

Heather said...

Ruthie - Yes, that kakapo was definitely a big fella!

Ginny - I'm sure you've seen your birds do some funny things. I wonder what they would do if they saw this big parrot?!

Crista - I'm sorry to hear you're not able to get out and about. I'll be right over to your blog to see what's going on. I'm glad this lightened your mood, though.