Friday, April 3, 2009

Floral Friday: Narcissus and Helleborus

This is my first pair of daffodils to bloom this spring...

Here is the Helleborus that I bought just last weekend. The "Ivory Prince" cultivar seems popular around here. It was all they had at the local place where I like to get flowers, and I saw at Lowe's, too.

I added some effects to this one in Picasa. I kept adding "film grain" until it got this textured look. I also de-saturated it a little.

This post of my spring flowers in bloom is dedicated to Meg, Frank and Michelle. Happy spring!


Kelly said...

Very pretty! I was just at FAB's (The Early Birder's) site, and he had posted beautiful flowers too. Love to see them. I especially like the softness in third daffodil down and the second to last photo.

The Early Birder said...

Ahh....beautiful blooms. Thank you Heather.
I've just been watching my friend Johnny Walkers a bulb grower on the TV - did you know there are 000's of Narcissus cultivars with approx 200 being added every year. In the UK the dwarf types are currently very popular.
Ivory Prince was bred by David Tristram, plant breeder & owner of Walberton Nursery who I met very recently - Excellent choice by you.

Shellmo said...

These are so pretty - I loved all the different shots! And I'm envious - all I have right now is 3 little crocus flowers!

NW Nature Nut said...

Thanks Heather! Lovely flowers. I especially like the angle you got on the Daffodils. What didcha do, lay on the ground? ;) Things are really starting to take off here and rumor has it it will be 70 degrees on Sunday! I just didn't get out this week and get many new photos. Sometimes blogging feels like a job and I "must" keep up, but I am trying to take it easy and just let it flow. Your blog is always a treat! Thanks for sharing!

RuthieJ said...

Very pretty Heather! Looks like spring has definitely arrived in your backyard.

An Open Heart said...

Rockin' photos. Not only are the flowers cool, but, I love your experimental photography, very nice.

Andy said...

Nice set of photos

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Picasa can be so fun sometimes. I love to see the black and white photos also. Your hellebores are sp pretty.

Heather said...

Kelly - Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed them!

Frank - Wow, I had no idea there were so many different cultivars of Narcissus. I don't think I've seen too many dwarf varieties over here. That's pretty neat that you met the breeder of the Ivory Prince Helleborus!

Shelley - Thanks. I wish I had my crocus plants back! They don't seem to stay in bloom very long, certainly not as long as the daffodils.

Michelle - Thanks, I'm glad you liked my take on Friday Flowers. I didn't get on the ground myself for those pictures, but I put my camera on the ground for a lot of those shots. We got up into the 70s today, but we'll be back down in the 40s and even 30s (!) this week. Back to some cold weather for us for a little while.

Ruthie - Yes, spring has sprung here, but winter will be returning for few days, which means bye-bye daffodils! :(

Shannon - Thanks, I enjoy trying different stuff with my camera and the photo editing programs.

Andy - Thank you!

HH Gardener - Thank you so much for stopping by, I'll be by to see your site. Yes, Picasa is fun and leaves lots of room for getting creative.

Meg said...

Agh! Thanks for THAT! They are beautiful! Love those hellebores.