Wednesday, April 15, 2009

What's in bloom

The ground is coming alive in many parts of the country, and our little plot of woods is no exception. Here's some of what's blooming around here right now.

Cut-leaved Toothwort

unknown yellow flower?!?! Anyone out there know what this is?

Couldn't resist another Daffodil shot!

Autumn Olive (left), Bluets (right)

Ground Ivy

Buckeye tree

Finally, my last collage (at least for now!) This shows Mayapples in various stages of... unfurlment. Our backyard, such as it is, is a veritable forest of Mayapples each spring.


Meg said...

Ha ha! I love the Mayapples in all their unfurling weirdness! And I like ground ivy. I used to have it all over my yard in Columbus. It gets a bit invasive in the flower beds, but is easy enough to pull out. I used to call it "Gil o' the ground." Anyway--thanks for the tour : ) Can you believe all the coming back to life?!

Kathiesbirds said...

I love bluets! I haven't seen any in years! Oh my!

You asked about my lens on my blog. It is a Nikon ED AF-S Nikkor 70-300mm lens with VR reduction and I like it very much!

Ginnymo said...

Thanks for letting me see what blooms in the woods Heather, for I shall never get to see them here. Unless I get a real powerful scope or lens..LOL Beautiful photos!!!

Kelly said...

...I love the little Bluets and very nice collage of the Mayapples! (...looking back at Kathie's comment...nice lens...I'd like it too!)

An Open Heart said...

Your stuff always rocks! I love you nature and wildlife pics. And, your experimentation with your digital photo program....
The new floral and fauna where you are is fabulous, thank you for a view into your 'backyard'.

Heather said...

Meg - I'm seeing more ground ivy this year up by our house, bordering our gravel driveway. It's so colorful, and it's far enough away from anything I'm purposefully growing that I'll just let it run wild. I'm very happy that everything is coming back to life!

Kathie - I've read that Bluets are an indicator of poor soil - I guess clay counts for that! Thanks for the lens review. I will keep it in mind if I ever decide to break down and spend the money on a new "big" lens.

Ginnymo - Always happy to share!

Kelly - Thanks. It was a neat opportunity to see the Mayapples in such varying stages.

OpenHeart - Thanks for your nice comments, I'm glad you enjoy what I have to share.