Monday, May 18, 2009

Experimental Larkspur

By now you all know that I love to take pictures of flowers. In a quest to try something new, I went outside one evening with some colored backdrops (1 black, 1 off-white) to try capturing the wildflowers in my woods in a different way. I had lots of fun manipulating the photos in Picasa to get some interesting effects. The flower subject is Spring Larkspur, one of my favorites because of its intense, vibrant color.

I hope you enjoyed this experiment. I think I could probably do even more with these photos in the GIMP, so don't be surprised if they show up again looking a little different.

Happy photo-ing, happy flowering... and dare to be different!

Also, a general question to the commenters out there: Do you make use of the "email me follow-up comments" functionality within the comments section? Just wondering if it's safe for me to post any follow-up to your comments within the comments for that same post, of if I should be coming back to your blog to do so (I've seen it done both ways). Thanks for your input!


Monika said...

Heather, looks like you had a lot of fun! How did the black backdrop work out? I like your boldness in trying something new....I've been having too much fun going out and finding flowers to play with the photos all that much yet but now that it's raining again maybe I will.

Good question about the commenting - I've been wondering the same thing! Personally, I do check the follow-up comment box unless its on a blog that generates TONS of comments per post. What do you do? I'll look forward to seeing what others say.

Ginnymo said...

Pretty flowers! Cool look!

NW Nature Nut said...

I love your photo experiments! I don't use the e-mail follow up comments thingy because weirdly enough the e-mail associated with my blog is not the one I use much. If I ask a question I like it when the blogger goes to my blog. But you don't have to....usually I check back if I have posed a question. I generally only ask questions that I *really* want an answer for. Just to keep things simple for the blogger. Does that make sense? Ha ha

Craig Glenn said...

Heather, Great photo's I loved them!

Commenting... hummm, you know what I post my email on my blog and prefer when replies are sent to email. I follow so many blogs it's almost imposible to go back and re-read post to see if someone followed up on my comment or not. But that's just me! Everyone is different it seems.

Also, I am sorry I don't comment as often as I should, but I do see all of you post through google reader and very much enjoy your blog.

Craig Glenn

Heather said...

Monika - The black backdrop did not work so well with this particular flower, but better with white and yellow flowers.
I do pretty much the same as you when it comes to commenting... I'll check the "email me follow-up comments" on those that get few-ish comments, or on a blog where I know the author is good about responding to comments, otherwise, not. Thanks for your input!

Ginny - Thank you!

Michele - Yes, that makes sense - thank you for your input!

Craig - Yes, I know it's hard to keep up with all the comments one has posted - that's why I prefer getting follow-up via email. I've noticed some blogs in Wordpress, for example, don't have that feature enabled though, so....
Thanks for your input, and don't worry about lack of commenting. As long as you enjoy what you see, that's what matters!