Friday, May 29, 2009

More puppeh pix

Since I so often have my macro "filters" attached to my lens now, I thought I'd take some pictures of the mutts with it on. This requires me to get very close to my subject in order for the camera to get in focus.

Jupiter wasn't crazy about me putting the camera so close to her face. She vacated the deck soon after I took this picture.

Maybe I can take a picture of your foot instead?

Sorry Emmett, but I couldn't help posting this one. You just look so silly!

Of course his nose isn't really that long - the macro filters exaggerate long lines.

This is more like it.

Emmett, you're such a good model for the camera!

I'm off to the Wilds this weekend for some birding by ear, so I'll catch up with you all next week!


Nature As Is said...

Love Emmett's eyes Heather...I miss not having a dog.

Kelly said... those last two photos!! His eyes are intense. I need to get some of these filters. I love your close-ups.

James said...

Fine looking pups.

RuthieJ said...

I hope the puppehs got some treats for posing so nicely!

Heather said...

Crista - I love Emmett's cool blue eyes, too.

Kelly - Thanks, the filters were cheap, I tell you! I got mine from B&H photo, but I'm sure there are plenty of other camera stores online that sell them, too.

James - Why thank you, we think they are gorgeous, too!

Ruthie - So good to hear from you. The pups got lots of ear scratchings and lovins for being such good models! ;)