Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Flowers, flowers - everywhere!

When my camera's not pointed up at a bird, it's pointed down at a flower! Now that I've got these "macro" filters for my lens, I just can't stop! (Click any photo to enlarge.)

Jacob's Ladder growing in my garden, something I planted new this year. So far it is doing well.

Fire Pink

Red Clover (this is actually crowding out some Bee Balm I planted last fall, but I had to let it flower to see what it was!)

... more Mayapple flowers


The Early Birder said...

Beautiful blooms Heather. Your Polymoniun is well ahead of mine. I can just feel the excitement as you play with that macro lens.

Monika said...

Such fun! I've been going crazy with flower shots too. Spring is such a lovely time of year.

Kelly said...

...that red is very vibrant! Beautiful... I've been playing with flowers too, but am still using my regular 70-200 lens (with the 2x no less). I need to invest in your filters... Love the 3rd from the bottom--beautiful and soft.

MaineBirder said...

Beautiful flowers Heather! You have captured their color and their blooming glory!

Thanks for stopping by to see my Wordless Wednesday post.

Shellmo said...

gorgeous, gorgeous! bravo!

Nature As Is said...

Nice flower shots Heather!! I really like what you have done. Oh and thanks for popping by and checking out the blog, I'm happy that you enjoyed your visit :)

Ginnymo said...

Beautiful flowers Heather!!

NW Nature Nut said...

We (Mr. Nut) and I like the black and white!

Heather said...

Frank - I will be interested to see if the Jacob's Ladder is this far along at this time next year... it was pretty large (but not yet in bloom) when I bought it. We'll see what happens when it has to "start from scratch," so to speak, next spring.

Monika - When the flowers are in bloom, I just can't stop! Spring IS wonderful!

Kelly - Flower photography is lots of fun (and very different from bird photography - your subject doesn't dart away from you!). I have found, though, that the "macro" filters don't work very well with my long lens. They work much better with my shorter lens, which is what all these shots are taken with.

Maine Birder - Thank you for stopping by! I really enjoy your bird photography.

Shelley - Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing more flower photos from you as you start to landscape up at the log cabin!

Crista - Thanks, and I always enjoy stopping by your site!

Ginny - Thank you so much!

Michele - I am very partial to the black and white, as well.