Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nature, or art?

When I take photos of flowers (or just about any other thing out in nature), my purpose for taking the pictures is multitudinal. To play. To practice my photography skills. To get "documentary" style photos ("this is xyz flower/bird/etc."). And to get those "artistic" shots. I think that may be what brings me the greatest joy when it comes down to it. And I feel like I'm honing in on a "style" that works for me. Needless to say, I like to get creative with the beauty that Mother Nature makes so readily accessible.

Here, the documentary and the artistic intersect, with photos of two white flowers that I captured over this past weekend: Multiflora Rose and White Milkweed.

The Multiflora Rose is a very invasive plant, and is in the top 1o list of invasive plants for Ohio. According to the Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center (OARCD, Ohio State Extension), it is most troublesome in southeastern Ohio. That's us! Fortunately, I've not noticed it spreading very fast on our own property, but in general this spring it seems like the plant has been going gangbusters all over the place around the county. I have never noticed such a profusion of the flowers in recent years. Which is not to say that my Multiflora Rose anntena have been especially tuned in in recent years, but.... Enough of this chit-chat, on with the show!


The Early Birder said...

Your artistic nature has done these two species justice. Well done Heather.

An Open Heart said...

....and what a show it is! You go Girl....butt kickin' photos! I love your style. You always deliver with the photography. I am inspired by your work. I love to take photos of nature, flowers, birds, plants, even rocks. I almost feel guilty taking credit for any photos of nature that come out really great, because, ultimately, the beauty is the work of Mother Nature.....

I think you've captured both documentary and artistic styles. Congrats.

Heather said...

Frank - Thank you kindly.

S - Yes, I know what you mean about the beauty being created by Nature, but that shouldn't stop us from trying to capture it in all its glory! That's my goal!