Monday, May 25, 2009

Patriotic in flowers

Happy Memorial Day!

pictured: Begonia (red), Colt's Foot going to seed (white), and Grace Ward Lithodora (blue)

Sorry for the recent hiatus. I've been feeling a little funky lately, and now my voice is just about gone! I'm working on some new posts right now, though. Hope you all had a safe and fun holiday weekend.
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The Early Birder said...

Get well soon. Lol FAB.

Kelly said...

....Oh! What a cool idea...I love it! Happy Memorial Day to you too! (I have a cold also...not fun. Get well soon...)

Ginnymo said...

Very pretty collage heather. Hope you are soon back to your old self.

Nature As Is said...

Nice shots Heather!! Love flowers..the collage is very lovely.

Heather said...

Frank - Thanks, already feeling better!

Kelly - Thank you. I don't understand the "cold" thing at the end of May. I wish you well, too.

Ginny - Thanks. I'm getting back to normal each day.

Crista - Thank you, I really enjoy making the collages.