Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Things purple

Each spring brings a fresh crop of many different wildflowers, many of them in the color purple. Here's a sampling of some of the things purple in our woods.

Spring Larkspur

While photographing the Larkspur I came across this creature minding her own business in the woods... (I think we're about due for puppeh post!)

Wild Blue Phlox (okay, its blue by name, but it looks purple to me)

Flowers on the Redbud tree. Once again, not quite purple... more pink, rather. Maybe I should have titled this post "Things purple-ish"!


Kelly said... pretty...all of them! Spring Larkspur is one of my favorite wildflowers...I love that deep purple. (Your puppeh looks sweet.)

Nature As Is said...

Nice shots Heather!!

Ginnymo said...

What beautiful flowers!! Is that your dog? She's beautiful. Did you mean you are going to have new puppies soon??

Shellmo said...

Beautiful work on these photos Heather! And yes - you should always post a gratuitous puppy shot! :-) In fact, it might be time for my kitty to make an appearance... LOL!!

Meg said...

Hey--just catching up on blog reading this morning, and yours is a visual treat as usual. Purple-ish flowers are great, as are the shots of the may apples. And, the last one of the onions is stunning. I think it would look great printed large and the kitchen of course!
Happy Friday!

Heather said...

Kelly - I like the Larkspur a lot too... it's a great contrast to all the other flowers in bloom right now.

Crista - Thank you!

Ginny - Thanks. Yes, that is our dog Jupiter. We won't be having new puppies anytime soon, but I'm overdue in sharing photos of our very much grown dogs (but I always call them puppies). Stay tuned!

Shelley - Thank you. More puppeh photos are on the horizon. I'd love to see some more of Marvin on your blogs!

Meg - I'm getting caught up on comments at lunch, and I'll be playing blog catch-up this evening - LOL! Thanks for stopping by. That's a great idea about the onion photo. Not much wall space in my kitchen, though. One of our bathrooms (the one NEXT to the kitchen) is painted green - it might look nice in there! Happy Friday to you, too!