Thursday, May 14, 2009

Plea to Ohio birders!

Hello! I'm using this post to make a very blatant plug for the Birding by Ear weekend coming up at the Wilds at the end of this month.

I received a phone message today from the reservations specialist at the Wilds stating that the camp may be canceled due to lack of interest. What a bummer! As of now the camp is still on, but if by next Friday, May 22nd, they have not received enough registrations, they will cancel the camp.

So, to all you Ohio birders out there: If you don't already have plans for May 29-31 and you'd like a chance to increase your birding by ear skills, this is the place for you to be! Our own Jim McCormac (of Ohio Birds and Biodiversity) will be one of the leaders at the camp. Here's a brief idea of what you can expect of the weekend:

"Come one, come all! Classes & activities are available for beginner, intermediate, and expert birders.

  • Learn from regional experts on birding research and sound ID
  • Find new list birds for the un-birded Wilds
  • Birding by canoe
  • Bird banding demo
  • Enjoy quiet nights around a campfire
  • Attract hawks with broadcasts
  • Search for owls and whippoorwills after dark
  • Explore the lands of the Wilds and AEP
  • Four catered meals provided by the Wilds' restaurant (Sat morning to Sun morning)
  • Bunk in Mongolian yurts for 2 nights (modern showerhouse is available)"
For more details and registration, click on the logo below. I hope to see you there!


The Early Birder said...

Heather, if I had the money and the time I'd be there. I hope it goes well & you have fun.

Tom said...


Interesting, sounds like fun, I need to get to the wilds more often...Unfortunately I'll be up in Maine! Have fun and tell Jim I said "Hi"


Kelly said...

...these are really tough dates. If I can get a friend to go with me, I might be able to do Friday night and Sat. I'll look into it. I really wanted to go to this also, but the dates weren't right, so I didn't sign up.

Shellmo said...

If I lived in Ohio I would go! :-)

Heather said...

Frank - Thanks for your support from across the pond. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't get canceled!

Tom - Sorry to hear you won't be able to make it, but have fun up in Maine. I will tell Jim you said hi (if I see him)!

Kelly - That would be great if you could make it, but if not, no biggie. I just had to try to make an appeal to all my Ohio "peeps"!

Shelley - Thanks, I appreciate it!