Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puppeh Fix for the weekend

A few posts ago I alluded to a post featuring the dogs, so I have to come through for you.

Even though I still call them "puppies," they're gettin' up there (they'll be 13 this fall). They enjoy hanging out on the deck and under the deck, in the sun, and in the shade. They patrol our woods in search of rodents and funny smells, and keep an eye on the neighbor dogs as they go by on the road. They love the ritual treat I give them every morning before we go to work, and they are very excited to see us when we come home from work. They like to hang out with us while we do stuff outside. And they're pretty good nappers.

Jupiter napping under the deck

... almost asleep

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of Emmett, napping so peacefully.

Jupiter likes to pick on Emmett, and she can't stand it when he's getting attention and she's not, but they still love each other and hang out together a lot of the time.

Sorry Emmett, I didn't mean to short-change you here, I just happen to have more pictures to share of Jupiter right now... I guess I need to take some more pictures of you!

Have a nice weekend everyone!


Ginnymo said...

Ha! Cute post heather. Your dogs are so beautiful!

Kelly said...

sweeet doggies... Is Emmett named after Dr. Emmett Brown from "Back to the Future?" :-)

Heather said...

Ginny - Thanks. I think they're beautiful, too, but I'm only a little biased.

Kelly - Dave named these dogs (he had them before he and I met), and he can't remember why he named him Emmett. Here's something funny, though: when I read your comment in my email (I use Gmail), an ad popped up at the top of the screen for Flux Capacitor T-shirts from - it picked up on your "Back to the Future" reference. Pretty wild, huh?

NW Nature Nut said...

My puppeh is about the same age as yours. She spends her time much the same way. She is a good garden helper though. Such good companions they are...

Nature As Is said...

Thank you for sharing your lovely pic of your lovely dogs ;)


Heather said...

Michele - Yes, they are wonderful companions. I do love it so when they like to just lay near me when I'm gardening or doing other chores outside.

Crista - Always my pleasure to share our very sweet and special four-legged friends with you all.

Shellmo said...

Yea for the puppeh fix!! Gosh your pups are just beautiful!! Do they like to swim in the lake?

Meg said...

They're big ole bears! I love your dogs!

And your "pictureless" post was amazing, Heather. I'm so there with you. Aren't we lucky to live on this beautiful planet?
: )

Heather said...

Shelley - Thank you, glad you enjoyed it. They don't do much swimming these days, and Emmett doesn't care much for the water anyway.

Meg - Yes, they are big dogs. Sometimes I call them horse dogs - when they come charging onto the deck they make so much noise!
BTW, my "pictureless" post was partially inspired by your last piece of prose. And yes, we are lucky indeed.

Nabeel said...

enjoying a warm summer day ... how lovely. At first glance, i thought it was a fox

Heather said...

Nabeel - Hello, and thank you for stopping by! Yes, our brown dog does have her moments of looking like a fox. I think she's lovely.